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plastspirala916 Plastic binding comb
9:16 pitch,30cm, 21 rings

Standard 21 ring binding combs for A4 documents. They can be cut to size for smaller document.They are available in assourted colours. Compatible with 21 ring comb binding machines.
Ibico Kombo, IbiMatic, IbiMaster (115, 115E, 200, 250, 250E, 300, 400, 500), EPK -21, COMBMAC - 24E, WireMac COMBO, Dragoncomb, SD 258 D, SD 296...

zicspiral916 Twin loop wire, 9:16 pitch, 30 cm, 21 rings

Twin loop wire binding for binding documnets. Available in silver and white colour.

zicspiral31 Twin loop wire,3:1 pitch, 30 cm, 34 rings

The premier choice in wire binding. 3:1 pitch system is very suitable for producing brochures, calendars... This professional look allows books to be turned 360°.Twin loop wire is offered in three different colours (white, black and silver). Binding machines for twin loop wire with 3:1 pitch: WireMac (10, 20, DUO, COMBO, E31), Ibico KARO40, IbiMaster 500, SUPERSTAR, MEGASTAR.

zicspiral31 Twin loop wire, 2:1 pitch, 30 cm, 23 rings

By 2:1 pitch system, number of loops can be decreased without loosing quality and view of binding of your product. Binding machines for wire 2:1 pitch binding: WireMac DUO, MEGASTAR.

kolut Twin loop wire, 3:1 and 2:1 pitch in spool

3:1 and 2:1 pitch twin loop wire coiled on spool. Binding machines: WireMac (10, 20, DUO, COMBO, E31), Ibico KARO40, IbiMaster 500, SUPERSTAR, MEGASTAR.

ibiclick IBICLICK binding combs,3:1, 30 cm, 34 rings

Plastic IBICLICK binding comb can be used with any 3:1 punching machine. (Wiremac 10, 20, DUO, COMBO; Ibico KARO 40, IbiMaster 500, SUPERSTAR, MEGASTAR). Clicks can allways be re-opened and closed.

diplomske SureBind, A4 (297mm) 25 mm

Ideal for documents which need to be bind securely such as legal agreements and company accounts. Surebind strips feature 10 prongs, come in 25 mm and 51 mm capacities and are available in black, white and navy (25 mm only). Using with machines: SureBind System1, System2 ali System 3 PRO.

plastletvice Slide binders, A4, (297cm)

Quick and simple binding method, which requires no punching machine. You can bind document from 2 to 50 sheets. Slides opens easily to bind sheets. They are available in assorted colors.

termomapa Thermal binding covers

One-piece cover with a strip of hot-melt glue placed in the spine area. Front side of Cover is transparent and back side is cardboard. Binding machines for thermal binding: Ibico Thermo 310E, Ibico COVERMAN, Ibico Thermotronic 400.

kartoni Binding covers - Back

Back covers made from different materials, from cartboard to plastic. Available in assorted colours.

surebindletvice Binding covers - Front

Front covers made from different materials, from cartboard to plastic. Available in assorted colours. Transparent covers also available.

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