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Thermo 310E
Thermo 310E

Price (VAT not included):
146,00 EUR

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Office Equipment
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A perfect machine for general office use. The 310E can produce one full 200 sheet A4 document or multiple bind many smaller presentations simultaneously. Binds up to 200 sheets (80 gsm) Both Audio and Visual cycle complete signals Fixed Timer Fast binding with a fixed cycle time of 40 seconds.

Thermotronic 400
Thermotronic 400

Price (VAT not included):
350,00 EUR

Delivery: in stock
Office Equipment
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The Thermatronic 400 is a professional thermal binder ideal for high volume use.Binding Capacity: 400 sheets (80 gsm) - Using a 40mm cover. Digital electronic control Minimal power consumption, thanks to PTC technology. 1000 binds per hour Auto shut off after 45 minutes for safety. Multi cooling rack included. Binding cycle commences immediately after incertion of the document.

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