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unicmali Small shredders

Small personal shredders suitable for occasional to light use. Very convenient and can be discreetly placed in your home or office.

1000_cc_1 Martin Yale shredders Assorted personal, office to department shreddes from Martin Yale.

New and improved series of Intimus shredders. PRO series is the most advance personal to department shredder available.

unicsrednji Medium shredders INTIMUS

Shredders for office use from very quallity Intimus line. Ment for middle range use and still discreet enough for undisturbed work.

unicvecji Big shredders INTIMUS

Shredders from very quallity Intimus line for bigger office or department.  Ment for heavy-duty use but needs more space.

unicveliki Large shredders INTIMUS

Shredders with special abillities ment for large quantity shredding. Some of this machines are really big and heavy.

My confidential - mini CRYPTO

Special high security shredders ment for total data destruction.

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